(Front Sprocket and Rear Sprocket combonations for on/off road?)

Dear fellow riders,

I know that there are a few dual sporters who like to ride their bikes to work, so what are you running for sprokets on the freeway, etc??? What are really the best sprokets out there? Ive always had sunstars, but for my situation what do you guys suggest???

thanks again!!!


i know that tweav is running a 15/48 on his 07 duel sport and said he's hit 115 and still wanted to pull...

15/50 Dual Sport riding

I too DS mine and love 15/48 i can still pull a wheelie at 100km/h going up the highway :smirk:

I have both 15/48 and 15/50 I like the 15/50 with the knobbies a bit better It is the better 50/50 setup . I would say the 15/48 is like a 70/30 set .I was going to try a 14 /48 set next. and by the way steel gears last the best and are cheap. but alloy are ligher and perform better . I had two rim sets for fast change overs . one with avon distenzia's and the 48 the other with dulop 606's and the 50 . but I just got a super moto set and I've sold the one set of stock rims I don't need anymore . I've kept the 606's mounted and ready for the dirt. I've still got a few sets of dot stock tires around . the avons and a set of pirrelli scorpion at's . if anybody need them . pm me. or if you have more questions

15/50 Dual Sport riding

I have been runnin 14/48 (3.42:1) forever on the street. Freeway is boring but do-able. Trails rock. 15/50 (3.33:1) is probably cool too. I tried a 14/45 (3.21:1) once and didn't really like the stretch it put on the power band. Still ran strong but didn't giddy up like I wanted it to. Might try a 15/51 or 52 (3.40:1 or 3.46:1) simply because the larger front radius robs less power. Dunno how much but the ratio that I run is perfect for all cases to date:thumbsup: .

I was using the 14/48 and i found it revved too high for me when cruising at about 100km/h so the 15/48 made that much better but it does make it a little more luggy at bottom end when going slow in 1'st gear, but you can't have it all

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