new watchers & threadmakers please read!

i'm quite proud of my little title!

when i joined i JOINED. i didn't just looksee. we always help members far more coz they're out & in for the journey.

i spent three months looking at old posts before i joined the melee. some bloke asked a question last week that was answered by the post below!!!

remember we get the same question's every week. there isn't a question that hasn't been answered somewhere else.

you've joined a great site just don't wear us old un's out -OK!


you don't have to answer if you don't want to. Ya can't save em all.

Who died and made you moderator, Limey blowhard.

your right mike, they're all yours.

just thinking aloud, it's such a shame we can't place all the comments made on flywheel weights or bars etc in their own file.

i'm here to be shot down, i've got broad shoulders...


No can do Taffy, I'm one of the dumb ones.

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