Rekluse Z-start Pro On 2006 WR 450F

Just a little question for anyone who installed a Rekluse pro on a 06 wr450F. On the 18th step on the installation manual it says to align 3 cutouts on the lower assembly into the clutch hub. My bike doesn't have any tabs on the clutch hub. Is this normal for the WR450F?

I can't remember exactly now, but there should be 2 or 3 tabs in the inner clutch hub that will mate (index) with the cut out in the lower assembly. Just play around with it until you get the right fit. The lower assembly should fit flush and should not wiggle or wobble in the inner clutch hub.

I did a step by step on my 200 xc -w. You can check it out. Maybe it'll give you some ideas.

I' ve read your post and it's very good but for some reason my bike doesn't have the tabs in the clutch hub. I've done a wr250 and that bike has the tabs but not the wr450.

did you contact Rekluse for more info? They are very helpful.

Why don't you take detailed pictures of your inner hub and lower assembly and post them on this thread. I'd like to see if it'll trigger my memory as to how the two go together.

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