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help with 94cr125

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alright i have a 94 cr125 fresh top end (5 hours)

fmf fatty.

reed spacer.

twin air filter.

elevation 94 feet

temperature 80

what would be a good place to start?

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ok the bike wont idle correctly.

and is currently running lean.

with a bad bog off the line almost stalling

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This is just my experiance so take it with a grain of salt

Ive found on my bike(92 cr125)

The PJ carb is hard to get a constant idle best just to set it on the day

I was fouling plugs like mad with:

55 pilot


2 turns on air

middle(3rd)position on needle

Spoodge everywhere

Am currently running

50 pilot


2.5 on air

2nd position on needle

seems ok but havent really tested it fully

I normaly ride trails so its not the best bike for the job gut like to think it is capabe of it............Other than that with a few rides on my personal track it seems to be responsive enough and the plug is new so with only bout 40mins on it its showing a little bit of darkness but its dry at least and less spoodge

And I also did the clutch side main seal at the same time as the jetting changes........Good Luck and if you do find a good jetting setup PLEASE ledt me know

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