custom catch can.

after seeing the thread on the oil air seperator. i went to work and made one and a carb heat shield and a air box scoop. the catch can has a baffle in it and i think im gonna paint it.

catch can









heat shield with heat barrier tape



what you guys think?

sorry for some being huge i sized them all

Nice job on the catch can - looks good!

where is your heat shield gonna go and what does it attach to?

ill post pics of how it attaches and stuff later tonight. but it goes to the head mount. and i covers the whole area from the cylinder and head to the air box almost.

just today I got a new heat shield from Lightspeed - i need to get some gold heat foil on it and get it mounted

Nice welds on the catch can. :smirk:

thanks man. kind of messed up on the top though but i had the wrong tungston and too thick of welding rod. lol.

here's the carb heat shield from Lightspeed with the gold heat foil from CV4 added:


thats sick i want the gold stuff. we just didnt have it at my shop.

Is the air box scoop on the bottom of the air box? If so, you'll probably be sucking in a lot of dust stirred up by the rear tyre, and probably a bit from the front tyre too.

yea its at the bottom facing the front. and ive had it on for acouple months now and i have a k&n filter and afer each ride it doesnt get that much dirtier than normal.

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