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All right I'm on my soap box...

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Please, if everyone who is a member of this site would take a few minutes a week to write your congressman or senator and get involved we wouldn't be losing our riding spots with such regularity. It truly sucks that people have a beef with us and our sport, but we must get organized and pool our money and resources to beat these very organized vocal minority :) If evryone you ride with is not already a member of Blue Ribbon Coalition, get them signed up, and while your at it join the AMA and give them $10 extra for the Legal fund, and then go join your State club, such as CORVA here in CA. I am personally getting sick and tired of watching all of us get locked out of OUR public land. We pay for it with our taxes and we should get access to it. :D:D OK I'll come down from my soap box, I'm going riding :D

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