rectifier wiring?

Canadian dollar value is low so I bought my own regulator-rectifier for my 99 wr 400. Only one yellow wire from the lighting coil is out, the black goes into cdi unit. Has anyone installed one without a "kit"? don't want to blow it up

Can anybody email me a baja designs wiring diagram for a 99 WR400? :)

I would say you should just hook it up, just do what you think is right, follow the color coded wires is all. it's not rocket science, lol. j/k. i can't really say without seeing one, if you want to send me a pic, i coould probably figure it out.

Thanks for the help guys. The lighting coil is grounded at the stator. I phoned Baja Designs and they were great!! Makes me wish I had the money to buy a new kit. I had to mount the regulator-rectifier in the air box and isolate the DC ground wires from the frame. :)

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