Xr650l? Help! Confused

I am in the market for a dual sport. I am leaning towards the XR650L. Should I go for the 08' or try to get an 07' or earlier model? My dilemma is kickstart vs. electric start. I suppose I am spoiled from my recent road/track day riding. I have my CR125r for messin' around in the dirt. The dual sport will be used for mostly riding roads to search for the dirt stuff and for some camping trips I would like to do. I live in North Jersey so I am trying to research all of the trails I could access in my area before I even buy one so I do have a place to ride. I know I jumped around but any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


Not really much difference between 07 and 08 models (all the Ls are e-start), only a slight color change on the headlight fairing...the bike other is identical over the last few years. My advice is probably to go for price and low mileage, which means a year or so older as the bike has reamined the same for several years.

Try to find a new 07 . You'll get it cheaper, and the white front number plate on the 08 looks goofy. These bikes are all the same, ex. the colors.

if you look around for one that's 2 - 5 years old, with low miles, you'll save a lot of $$, and will probably pick up one that already has some of the desirable mods performed for you.

'94 till '08 - same bike, different colors. Look for a good, low mileage example with the mods you want most and save some bucks (carb/filter mods and large tank are almost a must IMO). Expand your search area and be prepared to drive a good distance to get it and you will find one fast. That has always worked for me. :smirk:

PS - I agree with Martinfan on the '08 color scheme. :) Almost looks as if Honda had some old stock they needed to unload.

There have been very few changes of substance in the 650L since it was released in 1993. If you can find a low mileage one that is a few years old you will save a lot of $$$.

You guys are forgetting the smart chrome gas cap on the 08!

Other than colour changes, and smog stuff that wasn't on the early years, has anything really been changed?

Not that I can think of!

+1 on the older models. Find one with low k's(or miles) and some mods(cause you will want them, believe me!).

For that matter, if it's been well maintained, get one with 10 or 20K miles. It will still run forever.

My bud just sold his 94 with 49000 kms for 3500! Still a great bike.

Thanks for all the responses. The chrome gas cap on the 08' has me almost convinced! Sweeeeet!

I am working on my resto project 1993 XR650L - and as compared to my 2005 I can attest there is little difference, but there are differences! mostly subtle one like clamps, such as the one for the clutch cable guide. Wiring harness has some block off's on the 03 harness I am using (factory type block off's) where as the 93 had none. They are parked next to each other in my shop so I can compare assembly - and there is very little changes between the two.

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