'06 Rear Hub Bearing Pocket Defective?

Ok I unfortunately got caught up in a crash at the Dirt Diggers Big 6 GP 3 weeks ago. I am now recovering from a sprained MCL on my left knee and off the bike for about 4 more weeks.

So this is the perfect oppotunity to go thru my bike completely from top to bottom cleaning and greasing and replacing. I needed to replace the bearings in my front rim and decide to do the rear too. It felt like the bearing were getting loose. I have a friend take them apart for me and he says the bearing pocket is too big and the rear hub needs replacing. He said its ovaled out so to speak and that is why my bearing was loose.

What I want to know is I have heard that there was a problem with '06s and that many were warrantied by the dealers. Is it too late for me to get mine warrantied? Was this proven to be a defect on Yamaha's part? Who had this problem and got it warrantied by the dealer?

Just trying to figure out if this is a known problem and if I have a chance at getting my hub replaced under warranty due to it being a known problem or should I just buy a new one and move on.

Well its is a problem. Mine did the exact same thing. I called yamaha and they didnt do anything. I bought talons.

I guess Yami has decided that a too tight chain is the cause eh......ridiculous

There apparently was a run of hubs that were weak on the entire drive side for whatever reason. This was not recognized as a recallable defect, as far as I know, but it does seem to have been a production defect of some sort. Nevertheless, your bike is well out of warranty, so I doubt you can get a replacement from Yamaha.

Retail on the hub is about $115.

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