Bill- SE Pennsylvania ride in June???

Hey Bill,

What's the scoop for the SE PA ride this summer?

:):D:D Tower City? Ramblers?

I gotta see you do those doubles you were bragging about :D I'll bring plenty of Hefeweizen :D for afterhours. Mike68, Kevin from NH, Hitman, sbohan, et all- ya'll better be there!

I'd like to snag Ron S. out of CT on the way down, that is if the dates work...

Yea, I've been kicking it around. How about the 14th and 15th. That's Fathers day weekend and Buds Creek Natl. How could the wives not allow us to do what we want on fathers day :)


I hope this year will be bigger. I'm going to stop at a motel near my house and see about a discount to TT riders. The guys who stayed at the house last year are welcome this year.

Sounds good to me! Should be a hoot!


This year for my carb troubleshooting while staying at your place, could you please get your hands on a contact pyrometer as well as an Oxygen Analyzer... :)

Now that we have known each other for a few years. we will help, as we did last year, we'll continue to drink and make fun of you :)

I installed the EMM needle and have only ridin around the block. If the weather permits, I'll have conclusive info Thursday.



Have you installed the Taffster's recommended air jets, MJ, PJ, PAS??

Yes Sir, check out my signature.


GUYS, GNCC Racing will be coming to PA very soon, You should check atleast one of these events out...After Racing four of these things in the SE this summer I'm sold...Very professional, Tracks are very well laid out and challenging. See the schedule at:

Bonzai :)


i'll be on vacation that weekend in florida, doin' what the wife and kid wants that weekend.


That's what you did last year, guess we know who wears the pants :D:):D If we moved it to the next weekend would that help?



i wear my pants just fine. we have friends who own a time share that week and they invited us down. they are a couple we met on the cruise last year. if you were to move the weekend for me, it would have to be the 29th and 30th.

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