getting interesting

My local stealership is really a pathetic place (parts dept), I keep interupting them spending money.... LOL, I could go on and on....

my question is, I pulled my battery out about a month ago and picked up a new one today, I made a terrible mistake by not opening the new battery box and comparing the posts to my old battery and while I'm installing the + - cables there does not seem to be any way to position the cables to the posts that will work....

does anyone know if a Deka ETX9 is the correct battery for my 1998 XR650L?

I called the VERY young man back at the parts counter and he said yea dude, like that man that outta fit up in der.......:):smirk:

any info would be great! thanks.

Ytx9-bs here ya go dude, I looked her up for ya. LOL

thanks, thats more than my parts "dude" could do...

thanks again

thanks, thats more than my parts "dude" could do...

thanks again

He was off on the first letter. I would find a new stealership to buy your parts from.

My son owns a Honda dealership..PLUG for my son..LOL

Try to find a parts supplier that might deal salvage parts, like a bike wrecking yard, because usually they also carry common items like a battery at half or less then half the cost of the stealer.

One thing that really annoys me about the stealers, is that so many of the parts guys act like they are god, and that they know all, when its usually just the opposite.

If the parts guys are all knowledgeable, they wouldn't have to ask me for the year of my bike when I tell them I have an XR 650 R....

I agree on that Thumpmeister.

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