FMF "Q" Update

As most of you have read I have had issues with my FMF Q silencer and Power Bomb header NOT passing 96 db sound requirments. Well I recieved my new bulkhead/endcap today as promised, instaled in minutes and Barked Off 95-96 db.

Yippy Fricken Skippy! I have heard a lot of bad press about FMF recently, But they have treated me right. Hope this helps anyone with the same problem. :)

Yippey Fricken Skippy, you must be excited. :)

Alright, people. So get out there and support the companies that are plowing money into the organizations that are keeping your land use options open. Don Emler is putting his company's money where his mouth is. This guy works 7 days a week trying to solve the problem of noise vs power, and is as close as anyone to getting the enviro geeks and the overpaid bureaucrats off our backs. Show them you appreciate it.


Hey dont get me wrong,I'm happy as can be about what FMF has done for my situation. I bought one of the loudest motorcyles made and wanted it reasonably quiet. FMF came through for me. For reference, My kids TTR125L has a FMF turbin core, And his BBR XR50R will be running a Power Core 4 after Xmas. I have used FMF products for years and this was the only issue i've erver had with them. Enough Said...

Eric, Bigdrtrdr.

Now that it's quiet, how about an honest and objective performance report? Wait a few days until the giddyness wears off. :)


I'm totally bummed; my 03 YZ250F with a PMB spark arrestor and silent insert tested at 101 db. Can you give us the FMF phone number so I can talk to them about the 250?

which is a joke, you need to keep an eye on the four tiny screws that secure the can to the collector. Those four little screws end up supporting a lot of weight and force since FMF chooses to mount the can with a strap instead of a fixed mount (which most quality exhausts use, and which a longer and heavier Q silencer especially needs). Considering the price I think FMF can afford to make it sturdier. :)

FMF sells it like this, of course, so they can use the same can for different models. Or maybe they don't have a welder, I dunno.

In my case I noticed those little screws coming loose a few times and tightened them, but the can ripped out of them entirely during a race about two months after I bought it. So keep an eye on those screws, and check the holes in the collector and can where these screws fasten because hard use and/or a few drops can oval out and possibly tear the collector here.

Having said all that I liked the way my 426 ran with the Q on there. It made surprisingly good power considering the substantial drop in noise level. It does lose some snap in the mid range compared to a stock can, but seems to rev just as well.

If the rear mount wasn't the equivalent of a hose clamp and innertube I'd have nothing but praise for the FMF Q.

I agree the strap design is kind goofy but its held up to almost 2000 miles of hard trail riding. This new end cap doesnt seem to change the power at all from the previous one. FMF added a V shaped piece of perfed stainless to the inside of the output spigot. Its also interchangable with the old straight through design. As for overall power of this system it is a little subdued over other systems and maybe even stock. However Im a die hard trail rider and the trails in my neck of the woods are wickedly tight and full of rocks and slippery roots."Walker Vally" "Reiter Pits""Tanum Creek" all of these areas huge power is your enemy not your friend.



I hope you didn't think I was giving you a tough time. Not at all. Just very glad to see a satisfied customer of a great company in this business. When they keep us happy and help out with our collective legal issues where they can, they deserve to be rewarded by others that also stand to benefit from their actions.

Their products may not be perfect for every personal taste. But there aren't many companies that support our land use advocates or amateur racing to the extent that FMF does. And they know their business well. We should at least support them for that. Glad you like your Q.


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