WR450F Reliability/Unreliable

2003 was the first year for electric start and 450cc for the YamahaWR. Older models were 426cc and 400cc.

In your original post you mentioned the DRZ400. The DRZ would make a great street commuter ride, and very reliable. But if you ever decide to go offroad the DRZ is heavy, low on power, and outdated suspension.

i would prefer a newer model but i rather not have the electric start
Look around for a 02 wr426 then. It has some of the upgrades of the 450 but no e-start. Has a 3.2 gal. tank to give you more range too.

i would buy a 450 . you re-ring it when you have low compression , not every year , valves need to be checked once or twice a year . suspension oil should be changed every year , brakes fluid every two . coolant every 2 years . change the engine oil often and it will last long .

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