Acerbis petcock

Anyone change the cheap plastic petcock lever on the Acerbis 3.4 gal. tank? Can you just change the lever or do you have to change the whole petcock? Any info. appreciated. :smirk:

If you simply want to replace the cheap plastic lever on the Acerbis petcock, ZipTy Racing makes a billet radial lever that will work according to this thread:

I thought about replacing them with a stock 05-06 WR oem petcock on the left and a stock 07-08 WR oem petcock on the right since the fuel outlet is opposite. I measured the attach bolt spacing and there the same. The problem is that the WR oem petcocks have dual reserve standoffs and use a large oval o-ring, where as the Acerbis petcocks only have one reserve standoff and a small round o-ring. You could oval out the hole in the tank, but the gasket surface seemed very rough on the Acerbis tank unlike the stock tank. I think it will leak and I don't want to take the risk.

I'm looking into possibly replacing them with stock screw type petcocks off a Husky 610. The Husqvarna part number is 800067440. The only problem is that they don't have a reserve and the fuel outlet would face inward towards the motor. I would rather have the fuel outlet facing aft. I'm going to check into some Husaberg or KTM petcocks next. I will post more info once I find something out that works.

Thanks for the info.. I called ZipTy racing and they said there lever will not work with the Acerbis petcock.

I'm familiar with the tank and petcock. Mine started leaking after one week. I called acerbis and they did send me a new one, but they did not offer any other type. That cheap plastic one hangs down to low and is just begging to get broken off. I did solve the problem though, I bought a clarke tank. Anyone want to buy a slightly used 3.3 acerbis tank for a 2006 wr450?

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