What material is the stock 2007 WR450 header?

Hey guys,

I have heard that the stock header is Titanium.....but also that is is just thin walled stainless tubing. Which one is it? The Yamaha specs don't say, and I cannot find anything in the owners manual.:smirk:

I need to know because I want to have an Oxygen sensor bung welded in so I can do some wideband O2 datalogging to get my jetting just right.



I'd like to know also. I'm pretty sure it's titanium because the pipe has a yellowish hue, and stainless is more silver. Also, titanium sparks are a really bright white color compared to orange sparks from steel. You could try hitting it with a dremel or grinder somewhere that wont be seen to see how she sparks.

Yea, the color is what is throwing me off as well:banghead:

The dealer I bought my bike from had already done some tuning before I got it, so there was already color change to the header material.

The grinder idea sounds like a YouTube video to me

I'm not too interested in grinding on my pipe purely in the name of science....doesn't anybody know for sure?:smirk:

I believe the stock header is NOT titanium. If in fact it was titanium it would turn to unmistakable blue color within only a few hours. When the pipe is hot it is almost like neon blue



The stock header turns slightly yellowish and it takes much longer to change color.


I beleive it is Stainless. I have a wr250F and had to install an O2 bung fior a wideband. I could not source Ti ones so I welded in a SS one. As the pipe heated, the color of the two metals match. I think it is just thin wall Stainless.

It's stainless...SC

It's stainless...SC

When did it change?

I was just pondering my header the other day and after a year it still looks pretty good and knowing that my 04' was Ti stock and it pretty much looked like it had been dragged behind the bike after the first 6 months... I had just assumed the 07' was Ti too:excuseme:

my 03 came with full titanium exhaust stock , i thought they all did .

This has been debated before. I've found articles and spec sheets all over the net that consistently contradict each other. Other info I've found shows that Yamaha switched back and forth between SS and Ti from year to year. I know unequivocally that my '05 came with a stainless header as did my friend's '06...SC

Okay, here it is...

'03/'04 .... Ti Header - p/n 5TA-14611-00-00 ... $205

'05/'06 .... SS Header - p/n 5TJ-14611-00-00 ... $128

'07/'08 .... SS Header - p/n 5TA-14611-10-00 ... $121

These were Zanotti's prices and the significant discrepancy in price between the 1st and 2nd gen 450's can only mean Ti was used at first and then Yamaha switched to SS. The price separation was even bigger using Bike Bandit. Also, the majority of the articles I've seen support this :smirk:...SC

It looks like SS:applause:

Thanks for the info SC

My '07 WR450 exhaust looks blue like that.... but obviously stock, without the FMF parts :smirk:

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