front brake question

I have a 99 yz 400. I it seem like it takes to much force on the brake lever to get much response from the front brakes. I bled the brakes and checked the pads and everything seems to look fine. Brakes behave the same before and after i bled them and added new fluid. Compared to my ttr 250 which i could get to lock up with one finger my 400's brakes suck. Could it be oil contamination on the pads? The pads look fine and are still very thick.

Is this normal or might there be a problem.

*Contaminaterd pads - Clean pads and rotor, resurface with emery cloth

*Glazed pads and rotor - Same as above

*Over heated rotor - Replace pads and rotor

*Adjusting screw on brake lever too tight (should be a little free play between the screw tip and the master cylinder piston)

You may also want to try a braided hose and/or a larger disc(an EBC 280mm disc is good value if you shop around for the cheapest price on line)

Here's a question: Are the brakes hard as a rock and just don't stop. or are they mushy/springy feeling at the lever?

I have a 98 400 and had the same problem. I replaced the pads and lines. I believe my old lines where wore out and expanding under pressure. Worked pretty good.

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