07 450 turn signal Q's

as some know I just bought a 07 wr450. im putting blinkers and a brakelight switch in, to get it to a street legal motard. im buying parts from baja design's and blinkers from ebay(cause baja's is like 50 bucks a pair). im gonna wire everything off the battery(good or bad idea?). dont care if i leave a blinker on and the battery dies while bike is off. and do i have to do a stator mod? im gonna use led blinkers for low power consumption. im sure ill have more questions as i get the parts and finish my install plans.

thanks for the help guys, i may not post much but i read everything.

when I did my 07 I wired a isolation relay straight to the battery and switched it on and off with the key that I put in instead of the button. I also did the stator rewire . it is a much brighter head light . I got my univeral turn switch and horn from parts unlimited. 68 for the switch and 8 for the horn this setup is nice when you turn the key off it's all off . when riding on the road you want the brightest headlight you can get so you can be seen easier . I was told my light was about twice as bright as the drz sm I was riding with by the guy that was in front looking in his mirror


Turn signals are not a requirement here in NH to become street legal. I too recently purchased an '07 WR45F. I ordered the 'micro' kit from trickdualsport.com. I am really impressed with Dale's knowledge and enthusiasm for his product line since he too is a rider and happens to be an Electrical Engineer. The micro kit gets you a hi-lo beam on the headlight, brake light, horn, 12 vdc power outlet, electrical system charge status monitor . And the control unit is contained behind the number plate/headlight. Dale also has entire street legal kits available the include turn signals. The beauty of Dale's kits are that there is no requirement to rewind the stator for any of his kit's for the WR.:smirk:

i heard that you dont need signals from moms of manchester. but i thought that was a sales pitch. I ended up buying the bike from maine and they couldnt title it for me. due to the law changing in jan, you cant convert a dirt to enduro in maine anymore. so i went to the dmv and they told me i need a letter from an inspection station saying it will pass inspection. then i gotta take letter to town hall to title it/regester it, then back to inspection station. but i didnt think a inspection station would write the letter if there was no blinkers. maby thinking i was setting them up or something. ill call a station in the morning, see if they can help me. where in nh r you bmah. gonna check that website now. thanks for the info, you just saved me a headach.

i just found this





Lights, Signals, Flashers, Reflectors and Flags

Section 266:42

266:42 Directional Signals. – It shall be unlawful to drive on any way in this state any motor vehicle registered in this state which is manufactured or assembled after January 1, 1952, unless such vehicle is equipped with directional signals approved by the director. The provisions of this section shall not apply to motorcycles manufactured prior to January 1, 1973.

Source. 1951, 20:10. RSA 263:37. 1981, 146:1. 1994, 88:1, eff. July 5, 1994.


How did you get your bike inspected bmah?

Here are the applicable regs for NH and registering dirt bikes:





OHRVs or Trail Bikes Registered for Highway Use

Section 215-A:36

215-A:36 Directional Flashers. – For OHRVs or trail bikes registered for use on the highway, directional flashers shall not be required unless said vehicle had this equipment installed as original equipment by the manufacturer.

Source. 1981, 538:3. 1983, 449:17, eff. July 1, 1983.

If you look up this reg here:http://www.gencourt.state.nh.us/RSA/html/NHTOC/NHTOC-XVIII-215-A.htm

the applicable regs are thru :39

There is a simple form that either yourself or the mechanic that modifies your bike to comply with the regs above:






VEHICLE OWNER: _____________________________________



Make ___________ Date of manufacture_________________

Model ___________ VIN ______________________________

The above identified vehicle/motorcycle has been prepared to meet the street legal requirements of the state of New Hampshire as defined in R.S.A. 215-A:35-39.

The vehicle although not originally intended for street use has been modified to be legally registered and inspected for use on the public ways of New Hampshire.

The following equipment has been added or modified in order to make the vehicle street legal:

Head light_____ Tail light/brake light______ Horn______ Mirror_____

Exhaust silencer/spark arrestor______

______________________ _____________________

Owner Mechanic

The need for street legality is to allow the vehicle’s use in recreation events which transverse public and private ways

awesome bmah!!

just what i needed to see. I talked to dale today, he seems like a good guy(hes sent his pat batteries on a space shuttle(kinda cool)). I tried to get a full kit without some parts. like headlight, blinkers, brakelight switch. just because i like stock headlight and wanted custom blinkers. but now that I know i deff dont need blinkers im going to get his micro kit. thanks for all the help man.

Your bike had both AC and DC. The WRs that do not have an electric start oonly have AC. You will want to go with LED lights. The LED lights and the horn are designed for DC. They will work on AC but not that well. In fact the horn will not last long.

Roy Jenkins sells one of the best and sleekest kits out there. I have done the scalping methode for several years. For my 08, I bought one of his kits and it was awsome. Just plug and go. All of the lights and horn are hooked up to the correct current. I got a switch for mine that included and off/on and a high low for my headlight. He has it designed so you just plaug and go. His kits a cheaper than a Baja. It is way worth it. He can be reached at 801-546-0560, after 6:00 pm. I hear that Rocky Mountain is looking at stocking his kits. Take my word on it. I have done the street legal deal on 4 WRs, three was the scalping method like you are pursuing, the kit is the way.

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