2000 yz426 valve clearance help

i just checked the valves and i came up with

Intake- .005

Exhaust- .008

it has an 03 450 cam, dont know if it matters...

im jsut wondering what the specs were for this bike, my assumption is they are WAY too tight... dont have an owners manual either...


Well, well. Yet another 426 still in spec. The intakes are perfect (.004-.006"), which is no more than you would expect.

The exhausts on a 2000 were originally spec'd out at .010-.012", but when the cam went in, it was probably reset at the correct specs for that cam, which are .008-.010".

You're fine. Welcome to the world of reliability.

Download a manual here:


man i appreciate it.. i thought the lash was too tight because ive heard so many different specs.. thanks again. :smirk:

Well, well. Yet another 426 still in spec.

Welcome to the world of reliability.

:):ride: :ride: :worthy::smirk:

I love Gray!

I love Gray!

Don't we all?


He keeps us all happily :) along.

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