2006 yz450f: White oil after long moto? Help!!!

Hey guys, after my recent trip to the track I think I have a problem. I rode about 3, 25min motos pretty hard. (My bike ran great the entire time.) Anyways, I loaded my bike, went to eat, and when we came out I noticed that my bike was dripping whitish oil out of the overflow hose on the left side of the bike next to the shift lever and timming plugs. I know that a little oil dripping out of that hose after long motos is pretty normal but this time it was clearly whitish colored. Any ideas of what this could be from. I pulled the dip stick and check the oil and it was gold...whiped it, and di it again and it came out gold again. I'm pretty scared to drain my oil because I dont want to find an unpleasant surprise but I'm sure I will. Please help, let me know what I should do. Should I drain the oil/filter, and check it again? Is it water? exc. Please help!!! Thanks in advance to all that reply!:):ride::smirk:

Head gasket or leaking water pump!

the oil looks white because of all the air in it, kind of like whipped, I run a catch can that is only hooked to the breather and it looks kind of white. yzf's don't have a baffle on the breather like some others do.. Drain your oil and see what it looks like. best of luck

Head gasket or leaking water pump!

Wouldnt you see coolant leaking from around the water pump/water pump area? I'm teaching myself from the manual on how to work on these bikes so if these questions sound stupid, try and bear with me. Is something like a head gasket hard/expensive to fix? And, why is the dipstick oil comming out gold everytime?

drian the crank case and see if the oil is white or water comes out. why it is gold in the oil tank that is weird. drain the oil and take a look and make sure it isnt greenish what you can do is put clean oil in it and run the bike a like it get hot and check the oil again and make sure it isnt white you might have got a little water in the breather and didnt know it. if your antifreeze is green and your oil is white the problem just got better aslo did you wash your bike after. most likly you got a little moisture in the line if the crank case oil is not white

The first two things you need to know before you panic are, is there water in the oil, or only the breather, and are you losing coolant?

If you are loosing coolant and can't find an external reason for that, and you have water/coolant coming out from the drain plug, then it would be time to worry, but not before.

More likely, it is water you picked up from the track or the air itself.

And srfdwg2, the water pump cannot contaminate engine oil. If the impeller coolant seal fails, it leaks to the outside through a port provided for that purpose.

I'm running Engine Ice coolant, and no I'm not losing coolant. I check VERY often and it is always at the same level. I add to it every now and again just for piece of mind. And the coolant is ALWAYS blue.This whole incident was right after I left the track and drove like 3min to the restaurant so I didnt have time ti wash it. I'll drain the oil when I get back from school on Friday. (i'm down at school now otherwise I would keep you guys really posted on the color of the oil) I give it oil changed frequently and this is the first time it has been whitish colored. The temperature was in the mid 60's and was a beautiful sunny day. Perfect riding conditions for me!..lol thanks to all that reply!

I dont know if this is relevant, but I have CV4 radiator hoses...idk:excuseme:

It's completely irrelevant.

I agree with xrfred. drain the oil and see what color it is. I do not think that this is that abnormal. I use to ride crf's and they have the same issue. i do not think this is a problem.

I wouldn't worry until you can drain the oil and check for sure. I had the exact same thing happen to me but it was just due to the humidity. When I drained my oil everything looked good. I know its not a good feeling seeing it like that for the first time because you think head gasket but if your not losing any coolant at all then I bet it is just humidity in the air.

I agree, we see it quite a bit out here in Central Ca. Moisture gets in the hose from washing or humidity and makes this white splooge.

I agree, we see it quite a bit out here in Central Ca. Moisture gets in the hose from washing or humidity and makes this white splooge.

Where abouts are you at? I am near the Marysville area...

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