HELP. Pro Taper clamps.

i just got the pro taper clamps today and it says just bolt on bearing already pressed. but it doesnt seem right to have this gap. please help. thanks



I'd say it looks like that gap is a stepped shoulder, but it's hard to say for sure. Does look a bit different. If you can't tell for sure, you may want to call them and ask.

yea thats what i was thinking. and it does look like a collar to me too. it just looks wierd when on the bike with the gap down there. and the turn stops only make like a 3/16th contact to the stop on the headset. its wierd.

whenever you get those things on, let us all know if the bike handles any better....granted they are the 22.5 offset.

also, what kind of bike are they goin on

they are and its an 06. i almost bought a new bike but instead spent like 2gs on new gear and rims and stuff for bike. ill post pics and let you know how they handle.

for sure, i got an 06 and im really interested in those clamps. let me know something

thanks in advance

Looks wrong to me. I'd want some clarification from PT.

yea me too. it looks like a piece od alum. pipe cut down. its all raw looking and stuff.

they told me to send them back to them and ill get a new set.

that does not look right at all. Is the steering stem the stock 06 Ti stem or other protaper supplied? Either bearing is not the right size or stem is wrong. Stem should be recessed into the lower clamp - the black thing is just the bottom of the stem.

I would send it back for another one - have them press the stem and bearing on.

it comes all pressed on and the black part is part of the clamp it self. i just sent it back.

You could just press that bearing off and see if there is a shoulder it rests on in that posistion. It looks like it isn't all the way pressed down to me though. All the aftermarket clamps i have used, that bearing rests on the top of the bottom clamp.

yea. i was trying but it was messing the seal up. but no i can go pick my new set up. they sent me an 08 set. its for the new head set the collar thing.

hey, im gonna bump this

cause i wanna know how the things worked out

i just order them let me know too.... BUMP

Usually you get a piece of machined alum. as a press collar for the bearing as not to damage it when you press it on. Looks like some genius put it under the bearing.

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