XR650L Electrical

Is it time for a new batt. or something else? Its 2005 original batt. The head light & tail light & indicator lights flicker at all RPMs.

Also occasionally no indicater lights and no start. Pull the bars to the stops with a clunk, got power again:crazy:. Take the fairing and side covers & batt. box cover off to check connections, cant get it to not work. Let it sit for a day with covers off, works fine. Put covers and such back on, it dont want to work again:crazy: :smirk:. Any ideas? Iam I brain dead here?


sounds like a loose connection somewhere. check all your connections. and double check that all your grounds are CLEAN and tight.maybe alittle corrosion. I know that sometimes moisture can get into those little plastic covers and is trapped

Ditto on checking the grounds. I had a similar problem and it turned out to be the main ground under the seat. Kinda funny actually cuz it was right after I got the bike and my buddies were razzing me on the E-start saying it was gonna fail and leave me stranded in a canyon. :smirk::) ....Never has....

+1 on above suggestions.

remove seat and tank and check/clean connections on wiring harness from front to rear. something is chaffed somewhere if turning the bars seems to correct it.

If turning the bars changes it, well I'd have to say to check the main harness running above the front fender between the forks. Just split the casing and check the wires for pinches, or cross shorts.

:smirk::):ride: :ride: :worthy: :worthy: :D:applause: After checking all connections and grounds:foul: Nothing. Last one was back at the the battery. Guess what?:worthy: A very small area of the actual pos. connection of the batt. was corroded. Everything fine now. Goes to show ya, check the simple stuff twice.:worthy:

Yeah, I had my 05 do that to me once. The ground cable on the battery was actually loose from the dealer.:smirk:

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