lights on '00 YZ426?

Ok, apologies for my first post being about something heavily discussed. It seems that all previous posts are left somewhat unresolved and contradicting each other.

I have just purchased a street registered (in CA at that!!) YZ426. It has dual 35w halogen headlights, a rear brakelight, and turn signals. The problem is that none of the lights are powered currently. The previous owner told me I just needed a WR Stator. In reading previous threads, I'm not clear what I need anymore.

Do I just purchase a WR stator? Do I then need the WR flywheel as well? Do I then need the CDI box also? Is the whole purpose of the stator to provide a 12v positive with which to hook stuff up? Will it put out 75+ watts for my headlights and a turn signal or two?

Ideally, I'd like 100+ watts but it seems the companies that used to offer these no longer do.

Any help is appreciated. I'm usually the guy on these boards offering answers to people. Since I'm new to the dirt scene, I have some learning to do before I can dole out my own 2 cents. Thanks again.

The WR stator requires a WR flywheel because of the diameters involved. For high output stators, check with Trail Tech. If they don't have anything for you, check with Ricky Stator to see about a rewind.

Stators are the stationary element of magnetos, a simple form of AC generator. Magnetos produce alternating current only, and if you want DC, you need a rectifier. Trail Tech again can help with components and wiring information.

I checked with Trail Tech, Ricky Stator, and Baja Designs and was told they couldn't do a rewind for the YZ426F stator. Eline no longer sells the external lighting coil for the YZ426F. It had dual 100W circuits for a total of 200W. Electro Sport sells a 50W stator, but it's not worth wasting your money on.

Your best bet is to buy a Yamaha flywheel and stator for a WR426F and install that. Since Yamaha didn't offer a WR426F in 2000 you will need to use 2001 or 2002 parts. The output is 120W which should be more than enough. Some people have switched to a WR CDI, but this is not mandatory and should work fine without it. If you decide to run a battery I believe that you need to modify the WR426F stator slightly. Here's some directions:

Here's the Yamaha part numbers:

5NG-85560-01-00 BASE ASSY for 2001 WR426F $157.94

5NG-85550-01-00 ROTOR ASSY for 2001 WR426F $94.33

5NG-85560-50-00 BASE ASSY for 2002 WR426F $161.08

5NG-85550-51-00 ROTOR ASSY for 2002 WR426F $94.33

I found this in another thread. Based on this persons experience I would get the 2001 WR426F flywheel & stator for your 2000 YZ426F.

I can't be for certain on the cdi box because of the different part numbers, but you don't need it for putting an 01 wr stat/fly assy in a 00 yz. Hope that helps.

Thanks so much for the replies. I just ordered the parts for the 01 WR and I should have them next week. Looking forward to having this done....this will be a fun "street legal" bike.

On a side note, my local dealer sucks. They quoted me $450 for the two parts listed above for the 01. When I questioned the prices they told me they were fixed by Yamaha. I stepped outside and ordered from a Yamaha dealer out of state for a savings of $140. I then went back inside and explained that I have both a brand new R1 and also a yamaha YZ and would prefer to buy locally and support my local dealership but I couldn't do so with those prices. I asked how there could be such a variance in "set" pricing. They just said that it is always wise to shop around. When asked about the "set" pricing they just said "Sorry". I HATE BEING LIED TO!

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