yzf426 engine help

ridein 2002 yzf426 the bike on the weekend and engine seizd up..the kik wudnt budge but i pushd down on it hard and its bak to normal this is the 1st tym its happern no overheating.. but i checkd the dipstik and its gold, so i thought that caused the it to seize, still starts and has LOADS of comprission. but its hard to kick but bump str8 away. so ive taken it to local shop i was jus gna change oil and filter. what do you guys think?? could my bike be f@£d?? or do u think it was just panic....

and ther was wite stuff leakin out a over flow pipe "lookd like milk" cheers

o ye and i got the bike from "wigan" and i have been told a few months "wigan" had major floods "half houses hi!!! so the explains the wata and oil beacuse the rads aint moved so the water didnt come from the rads an ther is ALOT of oil (over half way up the dipstik) and its a cream colour and wen the bike is running and its warm the oie is like water so do you guys think that the oil change will stop it seize again

plz help cheers

could it be my piston and rings??

From what I gather, It seems you have water or something wrong with your oil. I would change it...yes. If the oil quality is poor, that could have been a reason for the seizure. I would be concerned that damage has not already occured.

well i have not startd it since and im not trusting it so would i be ok buying a new piston set and chek the conrod? it still starts and ran fine wt onter damage could happern its ok to start now an it has loads of compression? i have never touchd a four stroke engine but i mite have a go if it does need a piston kit.

and i will proberls need ahelp along the way. i do hav the full manuel tho

boy...my head hurts trying to read your posts, yzf426rider.

Are you purposely not typing in english or what?

I wouldn't just go buy a piston...check first....you said something siezed....you need to find out what...tear into it and inspect the parts, maybe you will need a piston, maybe the bottom end went. the only way to tell is to take her down. THEN buy parts.

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