Thanks for all the kind words guys. I understand Martinfan's position and responsibilities and respect his decision. Now, with resolute countenance, hair (singular) blowing in the wind and nostrils flared, I forge on ahead to new and better threads!

ATTA BOY!!!!:smirk:

BTW, I decided we all (except one) understand what was being said. So I reopened that joyfull thread.

Hill5150, thats a sweet superhero suit...

Bibleman: With a great sum obtained I this freedom. And Paul said, But I was free born. Acts 22

Oh, a theologian to boot!

Hey Martinfan, you must of just opened that thread back up right before I started reading it. THANKS!!!! It was great. I feel sorry for people that turn a funny thing into something personable. What if someone with an R started it instead of someone with an L. Us L guys would of laughed at it and blown it off an gone on to the next on. Thanks again for letting it out of jail. Oh ya, no need for an apology Bibleman.

Bibleman that thread turned into great fun and showed the great sense of humor both R and L guys share.

We all ride Honda 650's that makes everyone OK with me.

For the laughter you enabled there is no need for an apology we know your a good guy.

Disclaimer: No R's were damaged in the photoshopping process...:smirk: I too would own one:thumbsup:

The L is for girly men. LOL just kidding!

Bibleman: Resolute Countenance?........what that is?

This thread is going from stinging to scholorly...I can't keep up! lol

OGB :smirk:

Resolute countenance would be a look of determination on ones face. I would post a picture of myself in the aforementioned pose, but if you think I would ever do that with all the photo shop, cut and paste stuff going on.......:smirk:

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