2001 WR426 YZ Timing NO!!??

I talked with a local dirtbike performance shop here in Michigan about doing the YZ exhaust timing for me. They claim that it is already YZ timed. When doing a bike like mine (2001)when they moved the cam they discovered that there could be valve to piston interference. Does anyone know for sure that after model year 20XX, WR426's were YZ timed at the factory?


Most standard mods (grey wire did nothing for my bike), 1 less tooth on front sprocket (great for tight trails, raised fork tubes 5mm, rear wheelbase shortened 1 link, Baja designs street legal,Brush guards with turn signals, Scotts dampner, Devol radiator guards, 1" higher Renthal bars, Clarke tank with YZ style seat,front disc guards, frame boot rub guards, Speedometer, Bugeyz mirror on helmet, Helmet cam, Air freshner (just kidding about that one.

Your local dealer is incorrect. If you own a U.S. WR of any year, it comes from the factory WR timed.

Changing the timing is something you can do yourself. Check the technical pages here on TT for detailed info.

Do the YZ timing! It makes the bike really come alive.

Jim - don't take your bike to that shop for anything. They obviously don't know what they are talking about.

Changing the timing yourself is an easy task. The worst part is convincing yourself that you can do it. Do a search. Read the threads. Do it yourself. It is really not difficult - just time consuming the first time through.

does the canada model come wr timed. i sure hope it did because i had it changed to yz.

All - I repeat ALL - WR's are exhaust-cam timed the same - the YZ timing mod applies to all WR models 400, 426, 250... and all year models, right through to 2002 models.

Do it yourself, it is easy - and stay away from that shop for anything... even oil!



Did anyone count the number of links between the top punch marks. That would take any guesswork out of it.


Jim, get the thing YZ timed or my bashed-up DR350 may chase you down. I agree with the others stay away from that mom & pop shop. You know who this is.

in order to sell the WR as a legal off road bike they have to be WR timed. And when you do the yz timing make sure that when you take the cam holder off that you dont lose the clip that is on the cam right up near to the cam sprocket. Some times it might fall down into motor. Did that sound good or not. Any way it is the same motor with the same parts just different timing, gearing, grey wire and fly wheel. i am sure i left some out. But you get the picture

Jim, Yamaha-dude is the dude on this one!!!!! He's right and your dealer dude is Wrong!!!!!

He's been breathing in too much Yamalube from those 2 strokes. Tell him that us TT guys want to meet him after school at the back gate. :)

I have the Canadian-Euro model and came with WR timing and I've been back and forth from YZ and WR timing...

Peace out


Tell him that us TT guys want to meet him after school at the back gate. :)

DL :D [/QB]

It is "meet me at the bike racks, the bike racks". Things have changed since you went to school. YOu need to keep up with current events.

LOL just kidding brother


And now which timing do you like most?

I've one ride on my YZ, WR timed, just to see how it goes and...I like it...less stalling manner, no need to rev it to the moon to have power, instant wheelies out of turns, easier to lift front wheel over logs.

It was a relatively tight trail ride with some more open trails, maybe 50/50, I'll not return to YZ timing right now, I need more time to evaluate but right now it's more fun than with YZ timing

"I have the Canadian-Euro model and came with WR timing and I've been back and forth from YZ and WR timing..."

Peace out

DL :) [/QB]

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