wr450 05 rear mudguard fit a wr450 03 ??

hi just wondering if any one could tell me if a wr450f 05 rear fender/mudguard will fit straight on an 03 model ? i would like to change my yzf rear plastic back to a standard type i think my rear light set up looks messy at the moment and theres one on ebay, thanks in advance.:smirk: monkee

hello mate, just looked at my accessories catalogue & the '03 & '04 are part no. 5tj-21610-50-00. The '05 & '06 are part no. 5tj-21610-80-00.

So it looks like you're out of luck, '03 & '05 are different. (At least according to the book.)

ok , thankyou for the reply monkee

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