Brakes wont bleed!

Hi there, I went for a ride in the weekend and found that my front brake would work at first, then after a while I had nothing. The lever felt very strange, it would return slowly once pulled in.

Now I'm trying to bleed them but when i pull the lever in once, its taking minutes for the master cylinder to "prime".

Anyone know whats going on? I had the handle bars hanging of the bike for a few weeks previously.


Did you check you lines? there might be damage to it?

Yeah they appear to be fine, I disconnected the line and its still really slow to return so I've ordered another master cylinder kit as cleaning the old one didn't help.

Check the master cylinder first, make sure you did not lose fluid and suck the rubber bootie in when pulling on the lever, also check the return spring on the inside of the lever, may be pinched/broken. 2nd i would take the caliper apart and inspect and clean.

You could have an air pocket in the master cylinder. I had this happen once on a KLX. I unbolted the hose from the master cylinder, filled the master cylinder with fluid and made sure the line was full too, then bolted the hose back on, then bled the brakes.

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