response from the wilderness people

Most of their supporters dont even "hike, swim, or fish," But when you ask them if "public lands" should be protected? they say yes. Why? because it sounds good!! Every one wants the lands protected. For me personally it goes deeper than this, who is protecting the land? Thats right the government, and when the government controls the land, they control the people. Can you say Communism, Socialism? I was 35 years old before I even began to think about these things, and to be honest with you it down right scares me. For our younger people who may want to learn more Look up Communism, socialism, and republic in the dictionary and you can make your own decision. for the rest of you, thanks for letting me vent :) P.S most of their supporters dont even understand the government control part of this. Thanks mitch.

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I really struggle with this subject. The land is controlled by the government, but the government is elected by the people. The enviromentalists dedicate themselves whole hearted to the cause. They spend all of their time lobbying and fundraising to get their agenda passed by the government. Meanwhile we spend all our time and money buying cool new parts, and riding every chance we get. I have asked many people (not the dirtbike crowd) their opinions on wilderness areas, and they ALL support the idea. Why, because it seems right to them. It is a very one sided issue. The blue ribbon coalition can only do so much against seemingly unsirpassable odds. The environmentalists are very well funded, very motivated, very articulate (and can probablly spell). All the letter writing in the world will not change a Democratic legislatures mind in California. The only way to stop it is VOTE. Face it, the Democrats rule California. It would take an act of god to turn it Republican, and as long as the Democrats rule, we lose. Meanwhile our best defence is the Blue Ribbon Coalition. Donate if you can, they are our voice.

Here is a response from the exec director of the wilderness committee responding to my letter. See what you think and write him with your opinion. Keep it civil, we want them to change their policies and respect our views...

"Hey Mitch,

Well, you are wrong on must about every count. The public supports us (ever seen a public opinion poll to the contrary???), and the public IS informed...and still overwhelmingly supports wilderness--in fact they support wilderness BECAUSE they understand it, and finally, the majority of Californian's enjoy our public lands to hike, fish, swim, and enjoy the peace and quiet of the great outdoors. Dirt bike users, 4x4 riders, and snowmobiles ARE the minority.

I'm sure that, like me, you are so convinced you are right, you'll not be bothered by anything I say, not to mention the facts. So let's just leave it at that, OK?"


This is what I wrote to them....

"It is truly sickening at what you are trying to accomplish. Lock Millions of Californians out of OUR land. If the public were truly informed, as to what it meant to have something designated a wilderness area I think that you would lose alot of your support. A wilderness designation is literally a locked gate on OUR land. No one but the privileged few will have access to OUR land. What percentage of the population do you think will actually go out and be able to enjoy a wilderness area? My guess is less than one percent. I hope that all your hard work goes for naught or maybe just maybe you can come to some middle ground, I doubt it, because most of you are trying to force the will of a few on the masses.

Mitch Riggin...."

Paul Spitler

Executive Director

California Wilderness Coalition

2655 Portage Bay East, Suite 5

Davis, CA 95616


fax (530)-758-0382

"Mitch, thanks for your opinion. But I don't understand how a pair of good hiking shoes is only available to "the privileged few." Everyone is allowed in wilderness. Everyone. Even wheelchairs are allowed in wilderness. Who is this privileged few? It's your land, and if it's designated as wilderness you can still hunt it, fish it, canoe, backpack, camp, mine existing claims, graze existing cattle or sheep allotments, maintain trails, even cut some timber to reduce fuel loads if that is required. You just have to park at the trailhead and hike when you want to enjoy a wilderness area. And the vast majority of the population is able to go on a hike. So who is locked out??

All you have to do is park and walk around the gate.

Only 2 percent of the lower 48 is protected as wilderness. . Even California with all its wilderness only 14 percent of the state is protected as wilderness -- and most Californians want more wilderness protected. These lands belong to all Americans. If you disagree you should definitely tell your legislators, that's democracy, that's how we find a compromise."

Best regards


Just joined Blue ribbon It costs $20.00 Plus I made a $25 contribution! Might as well put my money where my mouth is!! :)

Right on, if we could get everyone on this site to do this it would be awesome... :):D:D

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Thanks for the help, guys. This is vitally important right now. Once we lose it, we will not ever get most of it back.


Ironicaly, most of these supporters are from the big cities such as LA, New York and the SF Bay areas. They live in smog ridden sewers yet they consider themselves as earth lovers. The fact is, these ultra left, tie die, granola crunching liberals are driscriminating against other peoples personal preference. Getting off road vehicles banned from our parks is just as wrong as outlawing hiking. F them!

Several fellow TTalkers and I have pleaded with everyone on this forum to join the Blue Ribbon Coalition. I would guess that very few have actually taken the time investigate,and pay the $20 membership fee, which goes toward protecting our rights. If you have joined, good for you!

If you havent, quit whining and put your money where your mouth is. The only way to fight this battle is through the legal system. We dont stand a chance without the Blue Ribbon Coalition (BLC), and the BLC does not stand a chance without our membership.

It only takes 5 minutes and you can do it on line. You can use a credit card or if your bank card has a visa on it you can use that! $20 bucks isn't that much and we must show the politicians that we are organizing and that our votes can affect there careers. When they look at the membership numbers for any one of our coalitions they will take notice. For example the last I heard the Sierra Club has over 500,000 members, you think the politicians dont listen to them? We must work together!

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We can get politicians and a few bureaucrats on our side if we all pull together. Join BRC, ARRA, CORVA, even AMA will help somewhat. WRITE EMAILS AND LETTERS TO YOUR ELECTED OFFICIALS. Even the ones who don't agree with us. Be polite-but-firm with our enemies. Senator Ross Johnson is sympathetic to our cause. To some extent, so should be Dana Rohrabacher for those in Orange County.

Visit any hearings on proposed land closures that you can possibly get to and voice your opinion.

In all cases, please behave like the well-spoken and committed adults I know most of us are, and good things will happen.


Dan I definetly agree, the more professional we are the better our results will be. We must be firm and aggressive, but not obnoxious. We need to have several different levels of the orgination, just like the greenies, you need radicals (earth first types) just don't kill anybody like they have been known to do. You need a Moderate group that is user friendly (Sierra Club) and then you need a group that asks for the whole US to be open to Dirt bikes. We need people to represent us and we need money to do it so join a group and give them some dough :)

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