06 WR450 Versus a 1998 WR400

Hi all

I have a WR400 1998 and love it as it goes like hell!!

Would a 2006 WR450 be any better apart from Electric start of course.

I know were there is one for sale at a good price and apart from it being newer i was wondering if there is any reason i should change.

My mate and riding buddy has a 2005 CRF450 Honda and apart from it feeling lighter when riding it, in a straight line there nothing in it,although his is a little quicker off the line but he has got racing cams fitted.


There is a different feel, the seat goes further forward, and it seems lighter (it may not be). The E-start is nice as well

Good Lord, yes there's a difference. There's huge difference between an '04 and my '99. Rode them both back to back and I was shocked how much lighter the '04 felt and how responsive the motor was compared to mine. I've always thought MY bike ran like a scalded ape. Handling was incrementally better, too. An '06 would be just that much better.

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