True Anneversery edition yz450f

So ya here it is, my winter project is complete. I creating a true anniversary edition yz450f to match my R1 anniversary edition and make them look like Yamahas from back in the day. So I took my bike apart and powder coated everything black and got the hurricane graphics kit and did a bunch of other stuff. Just got done yesterday so what do you think?





AWESOME!!! Hows that ENZO sub-tanks system?...I been eye balling that for awhile now...

Just got them as well as a RTT stearing stabilizer.

I wouldnt have guess it would look as good as it does. WHat bars are those? They look really tall!

Nicest yamaha "4" stroke I have EVER seen,Joshes retro 2 smoke is the first in yamaha two smokes

very nice bike man....

that is a sick azz bike. very nice job.

I never really liked those anniversary yellow ones but that one looks mighty fine if I might say so myself.

dang that is one of the sweetest bikes ive ever seen. looks gr8. only thing is needs is some custom dx1 backgrounds

Damn I like that!!!!!!!!!!!

looks awesome! I thought it was cool when it was blue.... but damn!

wheres the brake lever?

Wow...awesome. Love the black frame, etc. :smirk:

VERY NICE - you and I have very similar tastes in our Yamahas! I'm kicking myself now that I didn't powdercoat my swingarm and subframe when I did my frame!

I also like the black kickstart and brake lever. Was thinking of those, too. You might consider the right side engine case - it's pretty easy to take off and either paint or powdercoat. My entire motor will eventually be black, but I'll wait to do the remaining pieces when I strip them apart for maintenence. Are you gonna do your motor black, too?

Also Big Gun Coatings will do your radiators in a thermal dispersant paint to black them out if you like. I'm waiting for the stage 3 cooling kit from PWR to come out to paint the radiators black on mine.

again - great job!

I'm not a fan of yellow Yamahas, but that one does look nice. I personally think your bike looked the best when it was blue though. I bet the black frame and wheels would look nice with blue plastic on there.

that is the badest yamaha i've ever seen!!!!!!!!!! you did an amazing job :smirk:


nice looking bike.. i love the black frame..

That's a SWEET looking machine! Good job!!

Wow, THATS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!:smirk:

Now lets see your R1 with it!

Bike looks great - would love to do that to mine but Supermoto version like Swatdoc's. What does powder coating run ($) for all the bits?

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