True Anneversery edition yz450f

Hi, what did you do to clamps, rims, starter pedal, did you anodize them?

I powdercoated frame and rear arm, and used anodizing on all other aluminium parts.

Still need to assemble the completely renewed 400 engine and will make sort of a black bike.

Its current looks are like this

Sorry if it interrupts your topic, just want to share same basics and worries of powder coating holding up on the rear arm.

Oh, and I also chromed the rear spring.

SO ya here is the r1 and yz


That pic is pretty. One need a yellow stripe on your YZF rims.

Check the YZ 2stoke forum on how to dye plastic. Maybe you can dye your grey plugs in the swingarm?

Nice dude, you should be proud of that thing!!!

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