what rear rim will fit an 04 WR

i'm trying to get a second rear rim to put a paddle on. i'm not terribly concerned with bling so i'm looking around on ebay. don't mind a small bump in it either.

the question i have is what other models, years, make will fit on this bike without any major mods (like a new hub and bearings. by the time i've gone that far, i might as well buy a whole new one at $400

i don't mind putting on a new sprocket or even a disc if totally necessary.

and what is a reasonable price??



I think any rear yamaha yz 125 - 450 and any wr rim from a 1999 and up will bolt right up

Spacers and dust caps have changed over the years, but not so much that they won't work on any late model YZ WR wheel like tweav said..

You have to look on the price, people who know, know what they're worth:banghead: but $200 is probably reasonable if it's decent shape... I know very little about paddle tires but you might want to make sure how many paddles you want and see if there or more or cheaper options for the 18" or 19" when it comes to tire selection. I would also venture to guess that there are more 19" out their on the used market than there are 18":excuseme:

Go to the bikes/atvs/...section at Yamahas website then hit the parts and service link to view the online parts catalog. When you find a wheel on ebay or whatever check the hub part number for the particular model which it came off of and compare it to your hub part number.

The rear hub part number for the WR and YZ is the same from 1999 to 2008. The outer apacers have changed, but not the hub. WD

I agree that the 1999 to 2008 wheels will fit. The 125 rims are a bit narrower than the 250,426 and 450, but they still will work.Ebay will be your best bet, i bought a set of yz 450 wheels with disc and good tyres for 100 pounds sterling in uk whick is bout 220USD, also bought a use 18inch wheel for 80 Sterling 160USD

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