I just put 40 miles on Reserve...again!!!

Yep. That is no typo folks. Do the math. That is over 65 miles per gallon.

Moderate driving. City and freeway(slowing through traffic conjestion). Maybe a litte goosing of the throttle.

Still had fuel in the bowl though. Probably coulda gone a few more miles before the bowl went dry.

Best I could do with all stock configs was 52 mile per gallon, all freeway, no stopping or having to slow down for traffic conjestion.

De-snorkeled, De-smogged, K&N Filter, 55 pilot@2 1/4 turns, 165 main with the needle at the 4th groove, slide holes drilled out to 5/32, and, finally, my homemade headers with a White Brothers E2 Silencer(?...kinda loud for a silencer). Still with stock piston and cam.

Couldn't believe it the first time. Did it again for a second time, thinkin I got something here. Now I'm writing about it for the 3rd time.

13 miles per gallon(25%) increase. Aint exactly hay. Not at today's gas prices.

Thank You.


SWEET now go get a HD symbol so when they hear ya coming they see watcha got LOL I get about 20 LOL

I'm gonna test the entire tank out this time. If I am in fact getting 65 miles a gallon then I should be getting at least 130 miles before having to switch to Reserve.

My last few fill-ups have been eaten up by testing my headers: seeing how the bike performed up my test hill, poppin wheelies, just putting it through some rigorous testing.

Gotta keep from yankin the throttle for at least one full tank. Yeah right. Wish me luck LOL. When ya gotta bike that's beckoning you to let it rip!!! LOL.

Geeze....it just dawned on me what you meant by the HD symbol. LOL. Yes, the bike is that loud LOL. Heck, when I'm cruisin at about 3500 rpms I'm setting off some people's car alarms LOL even on the other side of the street. Talk about a Thumper. Could you imagine if I had the hi-comp piston and lumpy cam in there???

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