new riding park near in Illimois

There is a new riding park near Ottawa that is supost to open at the end of the month . For those of you that road at the rock it's just east of there , you might know it as 3 caves .I hear the person that bought it is going to start charging . He also owens some of the woods that are to the west


Let me know when it opens. I was just at the Badlands with the kids last Sunday and had a great time. Maybe we can meet out there.


Pete :)

Pete that would be great . It's supost to open this week end . He is going to charge $15:00 , i havent been there yet this year but i here he is making some changes in time im told there will be a bulding with pop and stuff kinda like the bad lands , was there last year.I work this week end but maybe next , watch the net i will leave a post when im going .

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