rino 120 gps

i just confirmed that my rino was shipped and will be delivered to me tommorrow.i was just wondering if anyone else has ordered or received a rino gps.

I ordered one from Cabela's on 10/2/02. It hasn't shipped yet. :) Has anyone that ordered from Cabela's gotten notification that their Rino 120 has shipped?


my retailer told me i would of gotten mine about week ago except cabela's and rei were threatening to take legal action against Garmin.instead of all distributers getting equal share of first Rino shipment.cabelas and rei got 90% of rinos that were released.supposedly cabelas got enough to fill there pre-orders.you might want to call them,if this is true you should have received your gps last week.my distributer has been pretty open and honest with me throughout the waiting process.over last 3 months he emailed me 6 or 7 times giving me updates whenever he heard any news about rino 120 being released.so i really dont think he would of made cabelas\rei story up.

a couple weeks ago cabelas online store showed rino120 should ship 1 or 2 weeks.i checked yesterday and it said 5 to 6 weeks now.that really makes me believe they filled previous pre-orders and have started new pre-order waiting list.

im playing with my rino 120 right now.mnelson i keep trying to locate your rino but its just not answering.what good is having one of these things if nobody else does.it smaller than i thought.its about size of motorola talkabout..has good clip setup.i dont think i like buttom setup for gps.button is to small.i dont think i could change setting while riding.

What is a good website for info on the gps? Thanks.

I just emailed Cabela's and they told me that my Rino 120 that I preordered on 10/2/02 won't ship out until Nov. 29th!!!! That is totally unacceptable. I am thinking about just canceling my order, and trying again with someone else. Seems like someone else could get them before Nov. 29th! What do you guys think, should I just stick with my preorder, or try someone else? If so, who do you recommend?


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