Need some educated opinions...

I know this debates on here somewhere but wanted some updated info. I'm either buying a YZ250 or the 08 YZ450. I ride stickly off road, with a mix of fire roads, tight tracks, and LOTS of hill climbs. I'm 5'8 and 160. My last bike was an 07 CR 250.

I know the 450 is going to have more low end grunt and traction but will it be as fun as the 2t? I'm scared to give up the "kick" of the 250. My buddy has an 06 CRF450X and I can't stand the thing. Yeah, it lugs but is boring as heck. That's def. what I don't want. I tend to ride lower in the power band as well, i'm never really wringing it out, but I love the hit and fun of it when I do.

I've also heard the 450 has a nice, usable powerband--it this true? I've ridden an 08 KTM 450 SXF and the power was too much for me--felt like it was going to rip my arms off. That's not what I want either.

Any thoughts on those that have made the switch either way and have experience with the newer 08 450 and a newer YZ250?


I came off a CR250 onto a YZ450f. I hesitated to do it, because, like you, I'd only ridden a CRF450X and a CRF250X. I felt like they didn't have enough balls for me.

Once I got on a YZ450f, I knew it was for me. The head snapping, low end power of the 450 was what I was going for. The powerband on the 450 is a lot smoother than on the 2stroke, but I find myself getting used to that.

Before, I really liked the snappiness and light weight of the 2stroke, but I'm finding the 450 to make up for the loss of that in sheer, unadulterated power.

P.S. I'm shorter and weigh less than you. So...if I can handle it, I'm sure you can :smirk:

I'll give my opinion. I ride MX and off road. As an enduro rider I ride in the A class and only do a few MX's and in the C class. After years of racing 250 2 strokes I made the move to 4 strokes and tried that for 3 years. I am now back on a 2 stroke for the woods and have a 4 stroke for MX. I couldn't be happier with each bike in their type of use. When riding the 4 stroke off road I fought with several issues, one was reliabilty, but that was a Honda. The 2 stroke in the woods really offers a nice grin factor too. However some have adapted to 4 strokes in the woods very nice. Until recently I also owned a WR that I liked on long trail rides where road sections had to be put together for a loop.

I've ridden an 08 KTM 450 SXF and the power was too much for me--felt like it was going to rip my arms off. That's not what I want either.

Sounds like you answered your own question.

Going off your post (what you ride and at what range of the motor) it sounds as though you should stay with the 2strk. What makes the 2strk so much fun is riding it in tighter conditions, ripping out of tight corners and blipping through the rough. The 4strk can be just as much fun but in the other conditions where the power and torqe can be more freely used. I like riding both but deffinetly like one over the other depending on where I go.

2stroke for for you......we don't want your arms flying off.:smirk:

Seriously for woods - stay with the 2 stroke - I would also look at GasGas and KTM 300s.....yz can be nice woods bikes but get ready to completely change everything about it, suspension, flywheel weight and all the off road goodies. Expect to spend a bunch to make it woods worthy.

If only rode in the woods I would definetly buy the 2 smoker. I have owned a lot of 250's and 2 -450's, the 450's are very fun because you can have an instant wheelie with just the flick of the wrist, but the 250 in my opinion is a whole lot easy to ride in on tight stuff. The only reason that i have a 450 is because I ride the dunes about 5 times a year and the 250 doesn't have enough pooop. Plus the 2 stroke while bring a huge smile to your face when all of your four stroke buddies are changing there oil and filter every other tank of gas. Just my 2 cents.

I like it when I get on a bike and i feel like my arms are going to be ripped off. Honda 4 strokes suck. I would go with the yamaha yz450:thumbsup:

I made the switch from a yz125 to an 07 yz450f last year for mx. I love the power, but hate the extra weight. I rode an 07 450sxf last spring and if you didn’t like the power of the kit’em, you might want to stick with a 250.

i just sold my 05 yz 265 that i rode all last year and i bought an 08 feelings are this, if you are not going to race mx get a two stroke! i like my new 450 because i can get good starts and clear obstacles easier on a mx track but the two stroke was much more fun to ride(and work on). i think you can ride a two stroke more aggresively without it kicking you in the ass and i could ride the two stroke longer without gettig tired. my next bike that i get will most likley be a ktm 300, i just hope they decide to make a sx version of that bike.

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