Akrapovic Pipe on a Honda Xr650L

Is Akrapovic pipes good to put on an 07 Honda Xr650L I know they have it for an Honda Xr650R. I really want this pipe bad. If I cant get that imma have to go with a WB E2.

First I've heard about Akrapovic (Silencer) pipes.

Are you just talking about the Silencer or are you looking to upgrade the headers too?

just the silencer

Akrapovic is well known to be among the finest exhausts for bikes in BOTH quality of construction AND performance. There is a reason they are not cheap. I have some experience with their product (full exhaust) on a street bike (R1) and consider them to be second to none. I have no experience to share concerning dual sports that are equipped with Akrapovic products but would expect them to be superior also and wouldn't hesitate to equip an XRL with them - if I could afford it!

Good luck.

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