help needed for serious problem!!!!

One of my intake valves broke and smashed my piston and cylinder head to crap. Do I need to buy a new head ($571.00) or is there a place to get it remachined? I am so bummed I have no clue how this happened I adjusted the valves this winter. But it did and now I must pay. 01 I thought it would last longer.



If the cylinder walls and valve seat area are ok, maybe you can get by with a piston and a little clean up on the combustion chamber.

Take it to a local engine machine shop and get their opinion. they will be able to tell you for sure, and give a quote at the same time... hard to offer advice without seeing the damage...



It depends on how long that valve was banging around in there. It doesn't sound good, if you were extremely lucky the above suggestion might do it. Sorry to hear about that. :)


Have a real good look at the conrod too. There is a good chance that it will have been bent with all the aggro going on in there. Sorry to suggest you spend more money, but its better in the long run..........

there shouldn't be any problem having it repaired. i know loads of places here in the UK that will do it. they're ten a penny.

most of the shops that do this kind of work advertise big valve conversions and tuning etc.

trouble is most of them "see you coming". there are tuners around that don't advertise. why not visit a classic road race meeting and ask a few riders. classic race mag?

what about tunstall and people like that that race the old stuff.

your rod will be ok. the valve will have snapped of at the head. this is where they're welded. try and spot a shiny bit where the valve kept hitting the piston. it'll just be a half moon shiny patch. if you haven't got it the bottom end'll be ok. if you have got it then the continuous tap tap tap will have given your big end a hard time and may have "knocked it out"

if you want it done get it to the UK i'll get it sorted.

my man is getting on but still tunes and preps. no adverts. does a lot of top engines. used to do the legendary (over here anyway) ove fundens bikes in speedway. finished by marrying his sister instead. such is life!



You need to see the head. You can't even find were the sparkplug was. and it didn't break

at the weld it broke half way up the shaft. and all 3 intake valves broke. I will take some pics

and post them here. and if you think it is still fixable I will send it to you.


p.s. Thanx wrsm for help I planned on looking at that when I pull off the piston.

There was a recent post about 'what jobs we all have' and deep in the pile of posts was a TT member running a machine shop claiming he can fix the trashed heads on YZ and WR's.

From the damage you describe you got nothing to lose by checking this out.

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