OK talk me into a 650L over buying a DRZ 400S...

Just like the title says, I'm looking at both bikes and need some convincing the Honda is the one I really need/desire.

Uses: 60/40 Road/Dirt (I'm keeping the KDx200 for more aggressive dirt play)

I've always been a honda rider, but for off rode play I've been riding a 2001 KDX200 since I bought it new in 2001. I've had a couple of DS bikes in the past, a 1988 XT350 and a 1991 DR350. Most of my off road on the new DS would be mild trails and fire roads. I'm a beefy rider 220lbs so I'm thinking Big red might be a better choice. I don't see myself commuting on the DS it would be more of a toy for an occasional short ~100 mile adventure ride. The Suzuki is appealing because it has good reviews and is more dirt compatible. Neither bike is light so the weight does not concern me. I not completely sold on the Suzuki because I think the fit and finish of the Honda (from experience) is much nicer. Tell me about your 650L and talk me out of the DRZ400S and into a 650L purchase! Why should I buy the 650L?


Honda...nuff said. :smirk:

What part of NY? Different parts accentuate different points of each choice.

And, how much do you weigh?


What part of NY? Different parts accentuate different points of each choice.

And, how much do you weigh?


Hey Dave... Right down the road from you, Newfield, NY I actually teach at TC-3 in Dryden! Weight, 220lbs...

Well, I have a little experience here, I have an XR650L, and my buddy has a DRZ400S, and I've ridden both. The DRZ seems to sit lower, sag more, but that's probably all suspension setup, and my XR is brand new and still tight. The DRZ feels quite a bit lighter, more like a dirtbike. They both feel about the same as far as get-up-and-go, but the XR will handle higher sustained speeds much easier, can't explain that one to ya. Fit and finish, I've never had someone define that for me, but I honestly have to say that the XR looks old, and the DRZ seems much more modern. I get some very shocked looks when I tell people my bike is an '07. I know this doesn't help but either way, you're probably going to be happy, both bikes will handle the kind of off-road you're talking about just fine. You are a bigger guy, so I'd say go with the Honda, especially if you're going to ride on the street more often.

PS The front suspension on the DRZ seems WAY beefier/better looking to me. Yes you can mod the crap out of both the XR and the DRZ, but you can also look at Huskies, KTMs, etc.

radiators to go bad, pain in the butt valve adjustment on the DRZ

I'd get the honda :smirk: Air cool big singles are cool.

Relaibility being a factor - and proven reliablity at that, the XRL wins, the DRZ is more modern and lighter etc, but it will be buzzy at hi-way speeds, in low end grunt forget it - no comparison XRL wins. XR is a dated brute, but keep in mind there must be something to them - as Honda sells em like hotcakes and has for the past 15 years, unchanged, with the excpetion of BNG's. Uncorked the XRL is alot of fun. Pain in the azz in the tight woods, but it was not made for tight woods riding either, it's a pain like I said but can and will do it! on dirt / loggin roads it is a blast, on the highway it is a blast. They keep thier re-sale value too. Mechanically simple to work on as ther is not much to em really and ya know, everyone knows what an XRL is and most admire and or want one / have had one and regret selling it....

I bought my 2000 650L in April with 461 miles on it. Since then, I have put over 6,000 miles on it and have not had a single problem with it. After I did the basic (and inexpensive mods), it had plenty of power for everything I do.:D

I have ridden it over 400 miles in one day (a$$ was a little sore, but not bad). It handled great on the highway while cruising at 75 - 90 mph.:worthy:

I commute to work on it almost everyday when the weather doesn't suck.:smirk:

And even though I'm only 5' 10" and 180 lbs. (and old), I can handle it pretty well on tight, twisty, rocky trails (although I wish I were a few inches taller):)

I've had Hondas, Harleys, Kawasakis, Yamahas, and Suzukis, (and even an old Hodaka) and the most trouble-free have always been my Hondas!

:ride: :ride: :worthy: :worthy: :worthy:

Because if you don't in the back of your mind it will eat at you.:smirk:

That and you'll be able to appreciate and become a member of the elite.:ride:

Honestly, I have been exposed to both and the L may be a little portly but thats actually a positive in a few areas like road riding (more stability) and is less likely to deflect in rugged conditions... of course its no fun to pick up but thats more your riding ability than any bike shortcoming. The DRZ is good also but I personally just prefer the simplicity and reliability of the L.

"Your either with us or against us" you decide.:)

prolly both will suit you well so i personally think the deciding factor would be how either bike fits you!! Which one will feel better cuz the little bit of weight on the SlowZuki wont matter much to you being you not some small skinny 150 pounder and you not buying it for a racing/jumping machine.

Honda 650L is a proven reliable beast and ill bet there cheaper than a SLOWZUKIE so thats where i would base my decision besides fit which i think either is just as good as the other for fit since its easy to get used to a bike. I ride my L and go to my streetbike (CBR600RR) and its not hard to get used to and there totally different handling/posture.

GL brother AND welcome to TT !!!

Hey Dave... Right down the road from you, Newfield, NY I actually teach at TC-3 in Dryden! Weight, 220lbs...

Well hey, my sons just started middle school in Dryden...

Sounds like either bike will work well, but at 220 the L might be a little better.

So do you have good trails for that KDX? maybe some sandpits?


buy a ktm

buy a ktm

GEE thanks for that quick hit-n-run with info he isnt even looking for :smirk:

Tons of riding Dave. LLpete, a KTM is out the the question. I have a KTM/Kawi Dealer less than 4 miles from my house but I refuse to play almost 10K OTD for a DS (KTM) bike at this point. Plus if I want to rip tight woods the KDX works great. I'm leaning strongly to the Honda at this point. I don't like the 08's white headlight, it looks out of place although a would probably replace it with a HID system anyway. If I can find left over 07 for a good price that would work... My local Suzuki dealer is a good friend and would hook me up with a deal on a new DRZ400S, I'm just not sure I want another Suzuki. Plus the idea of a low tech bike works at this point in my life. I already spend enough time in my shop restoring vintage stuff, I'm looking for a rider not a bike I have to wrench on all the time.

I already had a 2005 XR 650L. It needed some top-end work done. I needed a second bike so that I could work on my XR 650L.

Okay, I looked into buying the Suzuki DR Z400S. I liked the way it looked. I like the fact that it was kinda a smaller bike, thinking it would get better gas mileage. Thought about it for a while then decided what the hey, go ahead and get it.

Big mistake. Handles like crap on the street. Very uncomfortable. Felt like I was riding on a 2 by 4. My back started hurting. It got crappy gas mileage for a smaller bike. Just about the same mileage as the XR 650L. Get real.

I parked it with only 126 miles on it and never rode it again. Wound up trading it in for a '07 XR 650L. Yes. Another Honda.

Honda's got them all beat as far as I am concerned. Yeah...they're not the best performing bike out of the box. But that is the only downside. A few simple mods help, if you're mechanically inclined. Plus a few more advanced mods like higher compression piston and higher profile cam IMO make the bike totally untouchable. You are still left with the quality, bullet proof-ness, and dependability that no other manufacturer can beat.

Honda XR 650L (or Honda XR 650R if you just want to play in the dirt). The only way to go. Period

buy a ktm

Don't listen to Osama-Bush-Laden

Owned a dr-z s in 01.It really needed wider gearing for true d\s use.The seat was like a 2x4.The motor was nice but nothing like my 650r now. And it was HEAVY!! just 10 lbs. less than my 650. ( i weighed them both)

get the xrl. owned both the xrl is better in the street than the drz and the kdx is better in the dirt than the drz.

Don't listen to Osama-Bush-Laden

yeah listen to a scruffy looking guy wiping the spit off his chin with his sunday going to church suit!!!!!

and remember! The XR650L it's really, really swell!

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