Baja 500 setups i need pics

Does anyone have a pic of what the WR or an associated Yammy in Baja battle dress looks like. Mine is set up for East Coast style woods and I may have an oppotunity to go to the 500 this year and ride for a team that is racing on Yamaha for B5. Thanks as always ZOD:busted:

Not quite 'battle dress' but darn close...


Acerbis 3.4 gallon tank, Scotts stabilizer, front/rear fender packs, handguards, new tires w/ HD tubes.

Lacking the GPS mount (I carry mine in my pack or vest), HID lights, and tracker / rally logger.

Perhaps ask in the Baja forum as well. Those guys are a wealth of information, as long as you mind your p's and q's.


Bhiggins that was perfect Thanks you so much!!!I have rode the XR in the baja but there is a good chance I will ride the WR this year. Thanks again that helps me picture it better.

Here`s my set-up... most of it home-built. Good enough for 100 mile before refueling.


were did you get the fuel tank its a fantastic idea

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