2008 yz450f rod knocking?

Hey guys,

I dont post on here much, but i figured if this has been a problem, you guys on here would know. I have had my 450 for going on 5 months now, and it seems the rod is already knocking. It's completely stock except for a carb mod and suspension. I run a gallon of race gas for ever 4 gallons of 93. I race it in the 450 Int. class, but I've never heard of a bike having rod knocking problems this soon. anyone know if this is common?

If this sound is comming from the top, then it is completely normal. This is a very common issue on here with yz450f especially after 2006. I have a 2006 and when I first hopped on it, it made that noise. I almost freaked but came on here and found out it was normal. Mine did it brand new and still does it today. I dont know the exact reason for this...maybe grayracer or someone could explain it to you in technical terms. Good luck!:smirk:

More than likely, it's primary gear lash and a variety of other assorted noises, and is completely normal. Go listen to any of them and compare them to yours.

They were designed to be fast, not quiet.

Was this noise there prior? They are noisy as indicated especially w/o a skid plate and foam. If you are uncertain -have the Stealership look it over. Have you checked timing and valves? or had any adjustments to either made prior to the "noise"?

I have noticed on my 08 that is is only slightly louder than when new...I have been racing it since last August. It is not as loud as my 06 however.

My 06 and now 07 are doing it, but the noises have been there since I got them. It seems like his problem is something new that wasn't there before?!?

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