Oh Oh....

About 8 months ago I bought a WR250F. Yesterday while riding a firebreak near my house I found myself looking for another gear....?

1 tooth bigger on the front sprocket, 3 or 4 smaller on the rear sprocket, or get a 426... your call :):D



Dude!.... I told-ya-so..... In six months you would want/need a 426!!

If you go taller gearing it will kill your 250's power that you now have.. The 03 WR should be awesome! :)


I know, I know,. I have found that the 250F suffers in sand and hill climbs and wide open desert type riding but I cant even think what the wife would do if I mentioned the idea of another bike! Hey! wait a minute, My 9 year old is about ready for a bike, Hmmm.... how can I make this work...? :):D

Isn't that what the kids are for.

Can't wait until that '04 comes out, my son will be making the leap from his xr100 to my 250f.

I went looking for a WR250. After talking with some people and checking out the WR426 I went home with the 01WR426. At first I thought I made a mistake. After 3 months on the bike I realized that the mistake would have been to get the WR250. I am sure the WR250 is a great bike, but I quickly grew into the 426. Plenty of power.

Do what I do. Just have it show up in your garage one day! Ooops, how did that get there? :)

I have an 01 WR250, with all the YZ stuff done to it. It absolutely rips. We have some crazy hills here in Phoenix, and the bikes power has never been the reason I couldn't get up the hill.

Now, I'll be the first to admitt that you really have ring its kneck on the MX track, because it lacks that punch of a 400/426 for big jumps, but still, it has no problems with power.

Do you really need to go much faster on the top end anyways.

It really pains me when I watch the guys on 426 and CR450 just blip the throttle to clear jumps that I have to hit pinned, but I still love my 250


easy whoya, sounds like buyers remorse, if your 250 is close to stock there's lots of ways to get more power out with out having to buy a 426...i think you'll be able to get plenty out with limited $ if you look into it. i'f you'd have gotten a 426 you'd be upset about how heavy and burly it is in tight woods. :)

I've done the "free mods" and have a YZF exhaust. The bike runs good and I can be happy with it for a few years. It was just on the top end. With the free mods I may be running lean and will look into the YZ jetting. See "Stock YZ jetting" on the 250 forum, some good info. :)

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Just curious...but how would you say that WR250 jetting compares to WR426 jetting? Can you consider it to be the same, given the same mods (uncorked, BK mod, etc.)?

The reason I ask is because another friend of mine just bought one not too long ago...and I'd like a little input before s-canning his whole stock jetting... :)


No the 426 jetting doesnt relate to the 250 jetting. However the WR to the YZ relation may be of some interest. If you do the free mods and an exhaust to the WR, you may want to jet more like the YZ. These guys may be on to something, But it is getting much deeper than my experience will allow my mouth to go! :)

I rode my buddys 13 year old kids YZ 250f today and was looking for 6th 7th & eighth gears....

Its Quick and nimble but not fast.

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