ACTUAL '05 YZ450 weight, please help

I am trying to find out if anyone knows the ACTUAL YZ 450 weight for a 2005 (with or without gas/oil/coolant). The manual states 220lbs, but I suspect it is 5-8lbs over that assuming the manual is conservative to make the bike look good.

I can't assume though, as I need to be accurate to figure out my weight for transport. Can anyone please help???

The manual states dry weight, and it means dry; no gas, no coolant, no oil.

If you need accurate weight, I'd suggest you simply weigh it. Set one wheel at a time on an ordinary bathroom scale and add the two weights for the total. If you are a real stickler, block the wheel that isn't being weighed up on a stack of boards so that it's at the same height as the scale platform.


If you feel that the manual is accurate, I can estimate that the fluids add about 12lbs +/- and go off of a weight of 232-235lbs for my needs. Sound reasonable?

It should be an accurate estimate of the weight with an empty tank, yes. Maybe a little lighter, but close.

stock before adding any aftermarket stuff my 05 yz450 weighed 235 wet w/out gas. that was measured on a doctors double beam scale with the skidplate propped on a 5 gal bucket which set on the scale(the bucket was zeroed out of course):smirk:

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