sunline fuel screw

any tips on installing this.. ive already read the tips given to the guy who bought the white bros screw.. anything i should look out for after installing this? the kit came with two o-rings, a small washer and a spring.. what is the correct way to install this.. meaning install precedure what goes in first..

screw-spring-washer-Oring then slip up into the opening

Same as the stockersecond

Second Oring can be a spare or put on the screw shaft to provide additonal friction to keep the scew from loosening and falling out.

thanks.. now does anyone know how many turns out it needs to be for around 3-4k feet. stock jetting. thanks currently i have it at 1.25 turns out.

Starting point is typically about two turns. There is a sticky in the jetting forum that will walk you though setting it correctly.

i loked threw the jetting sticky.. but didnt find much except other peoples stuff.. but ill look again..

just went threw the jetting tips/suggestions and nothing.. bike i stock. stock jetting and running around 3-4k feet.

What he said was:

There is a sticky in the jetting forum
... not in the jetting sticky here.

Might also look at this:

thanks grey... ill go do that right now..

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