Bent rim

I seem to have nailed some rocks a bit too hard and did some damage. Never had a problem until I bought a cheap off brand tire. Has anyone else had a similar problem and can it be fixed? The rim is straight except for this one area and has a slight flat spot on the inside(rear).


Thanks :)

Don't worry about it, you'll never feel long as your wheel is straight, keep roosting. I've got 2 on each side of my front wheel, never notice that they are there.....


Dodger :D:)

Yeah Ive seen Dodgers rim :shocked:and dont worry, he roosts just fine :), As for me I have some dents and dings too, just comes with the teritory.

I also have flat spots, my rims are steel though. When they go flat I just bang on them with a rubber mallet I keep in the truck. I don't think aluminum rims would bend back too easily. Ride them till the break as long as they don't break a long way from the truck. I'm knocking on wood right now. I learned to check the air pressure before every ride and adjust it depending on the riding conditions.

If you get too much high speed vibration out of it , you should be able to true it up enough to ride on for awhile...

I've done that as well....Drove me nuts looking at it.

Bonzai :)


You said it, its looking at it thats the biggest problem :)

My rims are practically square. I'm sure that I'm just used to it but I don't feel alot of fibration, new rims would give you less vibration. Do yourself a favor and take the biggest hammer you own to them and straighten them out. I'm not joking, it works but you really have to hit it hard.

After that you'll decide you want to file it flat again and then sand it in progressive stages until it is polished again, then two weeks later the shine will dissappear cos you didn't realise it had a clearcoat on it.


Grip the rim in a vice with wooden blocks so that you dont scratch it you can squeeze it straight doing a little at a time being careful not to bend the other side.

You can also use a rubber mallet and hammer it straight but whatever you do NO HEAT

I bent a rim so badly you could see the bead of the tire after this method of repair it is hardly noticeable

Riding off road you wont notice it, and so long as there's no cracks you should be good to go. I have a flat spot up front and it drives me nuts when I use the bike on the road- the whole front end of the bike bops up and down. Has done ever since I got it second hand over a year ago. MX shops are pretty used to dealing with this and may even use some hydraulics to de-ding a really bent rim.

this is real way tp fix rim.first you need to buy a lead hammerthe heavier the better.[any other hammer will dent or scar rim even if you you piece of wood or deadblo]the lead hammers face molds to curved shape when it hits remove all the spokes within a couple inches of dent.spokes need to be removed because you need to hit dent from exactly opposite direction it was made.from what i can tell from pic you will be striking near center off rim and spokes would be in the you need to find wat secure rest of rim so it cant move when you beat out cant clamp in vise because rim will get streched into egg shape when you try and beat out way is to use 3 or 4 clamps and spread out around rim.the you can start beating just remeber to examine the angle in which dent was made.the idea is to push dent back same direction it was made.if you try and hit one side at a time rim just gets distorted.your other choice is to send wheel to person that showed me technique for fixing rims.he is one of best wheel guys in country.owner of wheelcraft was his apprentrice.his prices are pretty cheap rim%20repair.JPG

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