WR suitable for a big guy??

Folks. I am a big fellow. I tip the scales at 275 without the gear. I am wondering how the WR suits the larger guys. Like alot of you I am waiting for the 2003 450f, however if some big guys out there ride the 426 and find it great for what they do I want to know about it. The 450 will mainly be used for Fireroads and woods with tight single track. Basically a trail bike with some jam. Previous bikes were an 250 Can-Am qualifier and a KLR 650. I was extremely happy with the power of the KLR so if the 426/450 comes anywhere near that it should do eh? What d'yall think??

im 6 five 250 and i love my 2000 wr400..you should have no problem i ride lots of tight trails and do pretty good when most 2 strokes are riding thru the trees..haha good luck you cant go wrong with the 400 ..not sure of the 450

I'm fairly big (215) but not in your Sasquatch category :) I do ride with a bud who is close to your weight. He's got a 99 400 and it hauls his carcass around just fine. You will have to do your suspension, though. The bike makes plenty of power!!!

I'd say this:

If your idea of riding is cruising along the fire roads enjoying the outdoors, the WR might not be the best choice.

The WR is a race-capable bike, and demands to be ridden that way. It is almost more work to sit on the bike and ride as it is to stand up and ride aggressivly.

Being a large fellow, I am sure that the WR will provide all power, speed and accelleration that your heart could desire, but if you are not intending the ride the bike as aggressively as it was designed for, I think it could be a mistake.

If you want a powerful race bike that makes demands of the rider, the WR is the one for you.

If you want something that is more comfortable than fast, then the WR would not be at the top of the list.


I am 6'3" and tip the scales at 245. This bike is awesome for me. I ride trails and MX. You will need to get some new springs and possibly revalve your forks, but that should be about it. Depending on how tall you are you will probably need taller bars and possibly lower pegs. These bikes have crazy power and unless you are going to be racing the 426 should do. The 450 just have some extra goodies. :)

6'6" and about 240 with gear. I can assure you I run out of talent long before my WR runs out of hit. Its a great bike

No worries!

If your going to do it for sure, then go out to www.racetech.com Fill out the dirtbike spring rate questions and let it calculate the rates for the front forks and the rear shock spring...Print out the report and pre-order the springs and gold valves....

This way you will be ready well ahead of time. More than likely your going to need about a 5.8 rear spring for sure...the stock is going to be something like a 5.0 to a 5.2 out of the crate.

Bonzai :)

I guess I am the extreme here - I'm 6'5" and 150kgs (330lb) and couldn't be happier with my 426 as far as a stock bike goes. Only thing I have done to the bike is remove the air box lid - the bike comes standard without the throttle stop or grey wire (Australian). It will pull the front wheel up pretty easy in third with me on it. Fourth is a bit of a chore tho.

I ride mostly tight single track and fire trails running stock springs at the moment at max preload on the rear. It bottoms out on the rear occasionally, but I plan to upgrade the springs soon.

I think I qualify as big 6'9" 265 lbs. I run the Eibach 516 in the forks and the yellow shock spring with the comp. screws turned almost all the way out. Mostly tight trails. I love my 01 WR426 Its 10 times the bike of my KLX650R or my 96 KTM620rxc.I do also agree that if you dont agresivly ride a 400/426/450 It will ride YOU!

Good Riding...Eric

Hey thanks for all the great replies folks. I think I've found my next bike :)

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