Sticking carbslide

Hi! I have a problem with the throttle/carbslide sticking in its top position. It works just like it should, except for the top 10mm where it sticks. There is a black plate in front of the throttle where some teflon?? has been rubbed off. Has anyone had this problem??

The bike is a -01 WR 426 with 1000 km on it / Jon

No, but that sounds scary. Does it stick a little so you can pull it back down with the throttle (thank goodness for two cable throttles)? Or does it stay WFO? All of the gas is in the bottom of the carb so WD-40 might help.


I can easyly get it back but it can get a bit dangerous anyway, WD-40 did not work, I don´t know what to try next....

Did you take your throttle stop out? If you did you should try putting it back in. You should cut it down to 23mm total length. This will allow you to have full throttle but not let the slide hit the top of the carb. Without the stop screw in could be smacking the top a causing a little mushrooming effect, wich will cause the sticking.

Hi! Here in sweden they come with the unrestricted

Throttle stop (YZ spec.) so that´s not it!

I´m going to remove the "throttle lifter" from the

axel but the screw seems to be made of butter or

something as soft, so, any ideas of how to get it out? allmost trash´d it trying yesterday. Thanks/Jon

No ideas, I boogered mine too.


This is a wild guess but is the slide opening too far? If the needle comes out of the needle jet it will hang up the slide. The FCR carb holds the needle pretty tight in the slide so it doesn't flop around much. With the slide past WOT position check if the needle center punches the needle jet without any guidance on the way back down. The easiest way to check this maybe to pull the slide and reinstall.

The other possibility is a crack slide plate.

just break it all down and test each part. turn the sprung loaded top end on it's own. push pull the slide. simple i'd have thought.

just break it all up and try each part on it's own.


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