What oil to use

I need help on what oil to use in my 2002 yz426f. It seems to have a notchy shift feeling and it seems to find neutral when im riding and dont want it to and to be hard to find neutral when i want to put it in nuetral. Any ideas of what oil and i need to know how much to put in it. I am thinking about shell rotella b/c i have heard good things about it. But how much and what viscosity should i get?

It is always going to be notchy compared with some other bikes, and oil won't really help that much. If it's hard to find neutral, you most likely have a clutch drag problem (clutch not releasing adequately). This usually caused by worn or warped plates, uneven springs, notched basket or boss, and very rarely, incompatible oil.

Regarding Rotella, I don't recommend it because it is not up to the task of lubing the transmission. It's OK if you plan on changing it every ride day, but the viscosity gets beat out of it very quickly.


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