aussie 00 wr400 jetting advice.

please could you give me some help with this.

i have 00 wr400 yz timed,yoshi,white header,white power filter.mobil 1 oil,ekn#3,100paj,45pj,170mj.

pj 2 turns,I put in the ekn and 100pj last weekend

it never had a bog or ran rich before,now if i snap the throttle it gives a little burp and then

takes off like a stabbed rat!great wheelies too.

should i drop the needle to #2 or do the b.k. mod,

or mixture screw adjustment. i ride at about 3000-

4000ft at 20-30c near sydney.thank you everyone for all the other topics.

try turning the PS right in to 1 or 1.5 turns from closed.

of course you should do the BK mod. tish1 tish!

you should have a 162 MJ in. the needle may need to be lifted once you have done this (that's right-lifted).

finally you should have a leaner pilot circuit. try 50PAJ and 35 PJ with a 38 PJ as back up.

your the first person ever to ask so i'm sure this info will be a major suprise to many-not!

try and read old threads. there's a lot of this already there.

Taffy :):D


DREAM(NOT)OF COURSE I READ THE TREADS,(andrew in aus feb7 2001)this is why i tried these settings.

are yours because of the temp/height that i ride

at? be gentle with me "O SCORNFUL ONE"


go down to jetting Qs, this is a thread of 200. it's been done after aussie andy was around. 1.5 years is a long time in jetting!!!


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