Fork oil change and springs?

I've got an 05 and its getting a spring and oil change soon. I'm normally pretty good at working on my own stuff but I've never torn into a fork before and the manual is almost Greek to me even with the pictures until I get them apart and can actually see what the picture is showing. How far do the forks have to come apart to get the springs and oil out? Acording to the book, the springs come out when you get started. I want to change the weight of the oil so do I need to take the whole thing apart or will most all of the old oil drain out? Also, I've had a seal leaking for a while. It started right when I got the bike and I used the picture film trick and it stopped and started again after a long ride in the dust. I tried cleaning it again with the film but it didn't do any good. I saw where you can buy a "rebuild" kit. Should I go ahead a change that stuff out too or just try to clean the seal and reuse it?

replace the seal , honestly you need special tools to take apart the forks , you can make them as i did but it can be a little scary .

my local shop said they would tear them down clean and replace oil for 100$ same for the rear shock . so its not that expensive .

main tool you will need is a dampener rod holder. if you jsut change the oil you don't get all the crap out that has accumulated at the bottom they should be torn down .

there is a few write up's on this site on how to do all of this .

Fork springs and oil are pretty easy. If you can take off your wheel or the triple clamps to grease the steering head, you can do this. The hardest part is pulling the spring down so you can get a wrench on the damper rod nut so you can remove the fork cap (not very hard). You don't need to remove the damper rod from the base valve for just a spring and oil change, so no special tools are required to this point. It will take a little time to get all the oil out, but when you can move the damper rod without resistance, pretty much all of the oil is out.

As far as seals go, it's also very easy and can be done without removing the damper rod, but you will need to make or buy a seal driver. You also might want to just get new bushings if you plan to bang this job out in a day. Otherwise, inspect them, order them if needed, and wait for them to come in.

Thanks guy. Someone else will be doing it.

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